Babies and Infants Package (4-30 months)

$ 399.00

Our 3-week program is perfect for families with children aged 4 to 30 months. During this time, parents often worry about their little ones’ sleep habits. Our program offers a solution that can help you regain restful nights in just 3 days with consistent practice. Additionally, our ongoing support add-on will give you the confidence you need to handle your baby’s sleep like a pro.



Congratulations! You have successfully navigated the challenging newborn stage. However, your baby has developed sleep associations that are no longer sustainable for both of you, such as feeding, co-sleeping, rocking, room sharing, or bouncing. Are you searching for a reliable and attachment-based Solid Sleep Plan? Our comprehensive support package is designed to help you teach your baby healthy and independent sleeping habits. With continuous 101 support, you can eliminate guesswork and enjoy restful evenings once again.

  • Comprehensive sleep evaluation questionnaire to assess the current sleep routine and challenges
  • Detailed age-appropriate customized sleep plan and schedule to set a solid foundation of independent sleep habits for your child
  • 90-minute Private remote consultation to describe step by step plan on how to gently implement the sleep plan
  • Consistent nap support to avoid catnapping and lengthen the short naps using the effective tools
  • Daily Sleep Log Analysis is an essential tool to monitor the progress of your little one. This is a shared document between parents and myself to determine sleep and suggest appropriate changes in your child’s sleep
  • Virtual Nursery tour to ensure a safe and an optimal sleep environment
  • Bedtime Support for nights 1 & 2 until baby fell asleep
  • 2-week ongoing text message support for parents to easily leave a message and receive an answer asap
  • 1 week of unlimited email support to continually stay in touch
  • 4 follow-up 15 minutes each phone calls to discuss upcoming nights
  • A maintenance plan to go over ongoing sleep transitions, Monthly sleep schedules/nap transition guides/sickness/daylight savings/detailed travel guide/teething/daycare guide to stay on track