Complete Baby Sleep Guide

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I am so excited to deliver your complete baby sleep guide because this will allow you to know that with just a few tweaks, you can improve your baby or toddler’s sleep.

Realize that it is possible to improve sleep, regardless of your starting point (i.e., whether your kiddo is 4 months old or 5 years old or whether your baby just started cosleeping or has been cosleeping for five years!)

Understand how to not just survive motherhood but enjoy and collect the happy moments of mom life with your baby and family.


Welcome to Kiddo Sleep Factor! I’m so glad you’re here. As parents, we understand the importance of consistent and restful sleep for our little ones. Not only does it help them feel better and be more successful during the day, but it also gives us some much-needed time to ourselves.

That’s why I created the “Complete Baby Sleep Guide: Simple Solutions for Babies and Toddlers”. This comprehensive guide is completely free and offers practical tips to help your child get the rest they need, without resorting to sleep training.