Newborn Sleep E-book (0-4 months)

$ 65.00

Congratulations if you are a new mother or mother-to-be and seeking support to learn about a newborn’s sleep requirements (0-4 months). This e-book does not offer sleep training, but it will assist you to shape your little one’s sleep by implementing effective strategies which will help to overcome the 4-month sleep regression more easily by developing strong sleeping habits.


Attention new moms and expectant mothers! This guide is specifically designed to assist you in establishing a healthy sleep routine for your little one from an early age. The comprehensive e-book provides valuable insights on how to overcome any future sleep-related obstacles by covering topics such as safe sleeping practices, sleep requirements for infants aged 0-4 months, effective techniques for calming a crying or overtired baby, dream feeding, optimizing nap time, dealing with purple crying, establishing schedules and feeding patterns, and much more. With 30 pages of information, this e-book also addresses concerns about colic, managing multiple children in the household, and frequently asked questions.
  • It also includes a 30-minute consultation call to answer your concerns & queries.