Prenatal & Newborn (0-4 months)

$ 245.00

The first few months of a baby’s life can be overwhelming and unpredictable. They cry for various reasons, such as being awake for too long, experiencing Purple Crying, having inadequate naps, or requiring constant cuddling to fall asleep. As a result, new mothers find it challenging to take time for themselves, which can lead to Postpartum Depression when dealing with unexpected behaviours.



This program is designed to assist new parents in shaping their newborn’s sleep habits by offering useful resources and guidelines. It aims to establish a healthy sleep foundation at an early stage, which is crucial for the baby’s development. Sleep learning can help new mothers and parents feel more rested and confident in their new role. It is important to note that this package does not promote sleep learning, but instead focuses on Sleep Shaping. With consistency in following the routine and plan, most babies will not require formal sleep learning methods.

  • Comprehensive sleep evaluation questionnaire to assess the current sleep routine & challenges
  • Detailed age-appropriate Newborn sleep plan with step-by-step guidelines to manage newborn stage with confident
  • One-Hour Private Consultation will provide you with an informative discussion about your baby’s sleep and how to gently form excellent independent sleep skills for your newborn baby
  • Daily Sleep Log Analysis is an essential tool to monitor the progress of your little one.
  • Virtual Nursery tour to ensure a safe and an optimal sleep environment
  • 4 weeks of unlimited email support to continually stay in touch
  • 3 follow-up 15-minute phone calls to discuss mom’s concerns & progress