Rescue me now (DIY Package) (6-18 months)

$ 285.00

This program is meant for families with a baby still in the crib who feel comfortable implementing a sleep plan with minimal support. Its goal is to encourage healthy sleep patterns by tailoring the plan to the baby’s needs, age, temperament, and unique personality.



If you’re a family seeking a personalized and comprehensive guide to help your baby transition to independent sleep for both naps and bedtime, our customized step-by-step sleep plan may be the ideal solution. With this package, you can implement the plan at your own pace without requiring continuous follow-up support. We’ll provide you with detailed explanations to ensure effective implementation, and you’ll also have access to email and one-phone call support to help you through the process in a gentle and reassuring manner.

  • Comprehensive sleep evaluation questionnaire to assess the current sleep routine & challenges
  • Detailed age-appropriate customized sleep plan and schedule as per family dynamic
  • During the One-Hour Private Consultation, you will receive valuable insights into your baby’s sleep patterns and learn gentle techniques to help your little one develop healthy independent sleep habits
  • Daily Sleep Log Analysis is an essential tool to monitor the progress of your little one.
  • Virtual Nursery tour to ensure a safe and an optimal sleep environment
  • 2-follow-up emails support (3 questions max)
  • 1 wrap-up 15-minute phone call
  • A maintenance plan to go over ongoing sleep transitions; Monthly sleep schedules, sickness/daylight savings/detailed travel guide/nap transition/teething tips to stay on track